Our spindle service facility offers spindle repair, spindle repairs, spindle rebuild, new spindles for automotive, aerospace, military, tooling, machine tool, woodworking, plastic, stone, marble, granite, glass and ceramic industries.

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Our workholding facility manufactures standard, special and custom power chucks, manual chucks and collet chucks, including quick change, self contained, pull-back, high speed precision and automatic offset chucks.

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Our ball screw facility offers ball screw repair, ball screw rebuilds, ball screw reload, ball screw regrinding, ball screw refurbishment, ball screw reconditioning, ball screw remanufacturing, ball screw reballing and ball screw service for all types, sizes of ball screw and ball nut assemblies.

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Spindles, Machine Tool Components

Can’t find a machine tool component? Precision Spindle & Accessories has manufacturers with design, build, manufacture, repair, rebuild, reconditioning, refurbishing, retrofitting, replacing and upgrading services of machine tool components.

At Precision Spindle & Accessories, we build, replace, service, repair, rebuild, regrind, refurbish, recondition, remanufacture and retrofit machine tool components.

Featured Products

Balancing Machines


Our manufacturer of balance systems offers dynamic balancing machines for rotating parts and components. To the aerospace, agricultural, automotive, industrial, machine tool parts and components industries we offer dynamic balancing and vibration analyzing machines for rotating parts in size range from millimeters to a meter, in weight range from ounces to several pounds.


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Ball Screws, Lead Screws


Our manufacturer designs, builds, manufactures, repairs, rebuilds and services recirculating ball screw assemblies, special thread forms, gears and spline shafts, including standard, special custom and new recirculating ball screw assemblies – precision ground ball screws, ball nuts – rolled thread ball screw, precision rolled thread ball screws, semi precision ball screws and ball screw supports.


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Coolant Coolers, Fluid Chillers

Our manufacturer designs and builds industrial liquid chillers and liquid coolers and offers a complete line of oil and coolant coolers for machine applications. Coolers for Closed-Loop, Open-Loop, In-Line or Drop-In tank applications are available in a wide range of capacities. Precise temperature control is maintained while minimizing downtime in any harsh industrial environment.


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Drilling and Tapping Units

Our manufacturer designs, builds and services drilling units and special purpose, dial and trunnion indexing machines used in high volume parts production drilling, milling and tapping including automatic drill unit for centering, drilling, reaming, facing, chamfering, counterboring, hollow-milling, spinning and form tool work – automatic peck feed unit – custom drill spindle and machines.


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Machine Slides, Machine Ways

Our manufacturer builds, repairs and rebuilds machine slides and machine ways used in high precision parts production. The range of machine slides and parts including standard, special and custom machine slides – hardened steel way machine slide for production – dove tail slide. Various machine slide and machine way types and sizes of the following slide manufacturers have been reverse-engineered, manufactured


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Angle Heads, Multi Spindle Heads

Our manufacturer builds and services automatic tool change (ATC) driven tooling for milling, drilling and tapping and claims some of the largest installations worldwide. The use of automatic tool change driven tooling permits machining without repositioning the part to machine with the machine tool spindle. Various heads and rotary tools used in high precision parts production.


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