Air Bearing Spindle Repair

Air Bearing Spindle Service

Our air bearing spindle service facility repairs, rebuilds, and refurbishes high precision air bearing spindles used in the semiconductor industry, precision rotary fixtures and automotive paint spraying. We repair any make and model of air bearing spindles for PCB drills, dicing saws, grinding equipment, high speed routers, optics, lens turning, rotary atomizers and automated paint spraying lines.

The range of services include the following: Air bearing spindle service, air bearing spindle rebuild, repairs, rework, rebuild, refurbishing and remanufacturing.

Spindle repairs include the following: bearing journal rework, housing bore rework, motor repair, motor rewind, dynamic balancing of rotating parts, run-in, vibration checking, temperature checking, runout checking.

Repaired spindles are returned with a one year warranty.

Air Bearing Spindle Repair Process

The Air Bearing Repair Process includes:

  • Complete rebuilding and reworking as needed from the front to the rear of spindle
  • Refinishing all of the internal surfaces and balancing the rotating part of the spindle
  • Checking the Wheel Mount for run out

All repair is done in-house, and we offer a 48 hour turn-around service at no additional charge, and a one year warranty which is the best in the industry.

Types of Air Bearing Spindles Repaired

Types of air bearing assemblies rebuilt and repaired are:

  • Motor powered, motorized, high frequency electric
  • Dicing saw
  • PCB Drilling
  • Grinding
  • Router
  • Engraving
  • Repairs of high speed Air Turbine Spindles, such as electrostatic rotary paint atomizers in automotive paint lines
  • Provide Air Turbine Spindle Service

Subject to availability, we supply:

  • Repaired air bearing spindles
  • Rebuilt air bearing spindles
  • Reconditioned air bearing spindles
  • Remanufactured air bearing spindles
  • Rebuilt air turbine spindles
  • New air bearing spindles and new air turbine spindles

Brands of Air Bearing Spindles Repaired

Various types and sizes of the following spindle brands and spindle manufacturers have been repaired, rebuilt, reconditioned, refurbished, replaced, remanufactured, reworked or serviced:

Air Bearing Spindle Repair Cost

We will provide a repair cost estimate based on the information that you provide. After your air bearing spindle is received at the repair facility, we perform a no-charge examination and evaluation and email a firm quote.