Machine Slides, Machine Ways


Our machine slide facility manufactures and services machine slides and machine ways used in high precision parts production. The range of machine slides and parts include the following:

  • Standard, special and custom machine slides
  • Hardened steel way machine slide for production
  • Dovetail slide
  • Machine slides with recirculating ball ways
  • Machine slides with ball screw, lead screw, air or hydraulic cylinder
  • Compound slides
  • Precision hardened and ground ways, gibs, keepers, blocks, carriages, machine way

Machine Slide Brands

Various machine slide and machine way types and sizes of the following slide manufacturers have been reverse-engineered, manufactured, replaced:

  • E&E Engineering
  • Famco Machine
  • Gilman
  • Master Machine
  • Milwaukee Machine
  • Milwaukee Slide & Spindle
  • Setco Sales Co.
  • Somex Corp.

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