Machine Balancing

Dynamic Balancing

Our dynamic balancing facility offers dynamic balancing service and vibration analysis of rotating parts and components in size from millimeters to several meters, in weight from ounces to 20 ton. Aerospace, agricultural, automotive, industrial, machine tool parts and components are dynamic balanced including the following:

  • Pump impeller dynamic balancing service
  • Flywheel dynamic balancing service
  • Industrial fan dynamic balancing, Industrial blower dynamic balancing service
  • Motor shaft dynamic balancing service, motor armature dynamic balancing service, motor rotor dynamic balancing
  • Generator rotor dynamic balancing service
  • Air compressor balancing, gas compressor balancing, steam turbine dynamic balancing, gas turbine dynamic balancing
  • Vertical roller mill, classifier, hammer mill rotor, threshing rotor, combine rotor balancing
  • Brake rotor and brake drum balancing
  • Industrial driveline component, industrial driveshaft balancing, universal joint balancing
  • Transmission component balancing
  • Engine crankshaft balancing, camshaft balancing
  • Spindle dynamic balancing service, shaft dynamic balancing service, pulley balancing, gear balancing, sprocket balancing
  • Dynamic balancing of cylinders, drums, rollers, mandrels
  • Roll balancing
  • Machine tool balancing, cutting tool balancing, workholding chuck dynamic balancing service, workholder balancing
  • Dynamic balancing of satellite components

We also supply dynamic balancing and analyzing machines.

Turbine Balancing

Turbine Metrology LLC offers turbine balance service for gas turbine and jet engine balancing. Circular Geometry Inspection systems inspect and record rotor disc dimensions for the purpose of orienting the discs while stacking the rotor assembly to maximize rotor alignment and rotor balance. Blade Placement Optimization systems measure and weigh blades to determine optimum blade placement for maximum rotor balance. Aerospace and power generation turbines are balanced in this manner. Some rotating automotive, industrial and agricultural machine assemblies are also candidates.

We have successfully replaced and upgraded balance systems built by the following manufacturers:

  • Axiam Inc.
  • Precitech Inc.
  • Paris Mountain

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