Onsite Spindle Taper Grinding

Our mobile spindle service company performs spindle taper grinding to restore, repair and service your machine tool spindle condition. With a small internal grinding spindle, mounted on a slide and rotary table, we grind your spindle taper in your machine to restore the original angle and surface condition. The range of services include:

  • Mobile spindle taper grinding, on-site spindle taper grinding, in-plant machine spindle taper grinding or taper regrinding service for worn, damaged, crashed and wrecked spindles with BT40, BT50, BT60, CAT40, CAT50, CAT60 tapers and larger, including Big Plus and HSK tapers
  • Conventional spindle taper grind, NC spindle taper grind and CNC spindle taper grind, regrind, grinding, regrinding of worn, damaged, crashed and wrecked spindles at mobile, in-plant, on-site locations
  • CAT spindle taper grinding
  • BT spindle taper grinding
  • Big Plus spindle taper grinding
  • ISO spindle taper grinding
  • HSK spindle taper grinding

Wear of tool tapers, and damage of tool tapers

With thousands of tool changes, high torque usage and heavy radial loads, a spindle taper will wear to a bell mouth condition. This results in less contact between the toolholder and spindle ID taper. This can cause tool chatter, tool run out, poor machine performance and repeatability. Occasionally, an ID taper is damaged from a escaping toolholder. The raised portion of a gouge causes serous tool run out. These worn and damaged conditions can usually be corrected with a light grinding of the spindle taper.

Benefits of Spindle Taper Grinding on the Machine

On site spindle taper grinding on the machine is a cost effective way of improving the accuracy of your machine by repairing damaged or worn tool seats. This is done on the machine with respect to its geometrical condition.
The process requires an average of eight hours to complete and the taper conformity is checked by using a certified plug gage and test mandrel.
Through this process, removal and reassembly of the spindle is eliminated, thus providing considerable savings in machine down time and cost.

Hardened Spindle Taper Inserts to replace severely damaged machine spindle tapers

Occasionally machine spindle tapers become so severely damaged that regrinding the taper is insufficient to return the taper to usefulness. We can build a hardened insert to adapt to the end of the spindle so that the spindle is again useable as originally intended.

Other services offered:

  • Installation of hardened taper inserts (to replace a severely damaged spindle taper)
  • Mobile, in-plant, on-site, CNC machine laser calibration, alignment and leveling
  • Machine installation, setup and testing
  • Ball-bar and laser calibration of CNC tools

Spindle Brands

Our service technicians have returned crashed and wrecked spindle tapers to OEM specifications on the following manufacturers’ machines:

  • Big Plus taper
  • Cerutti
  • Cincinnati
  • Dah Lih
  • Droop & Rein
  • Forward
  • Haas
  • HNK (Hankook)
  • G & L
  • Ikegai
  • Juaristi
  • Kuraki
  • Lazati
  • Lucas
  • Makino
  • Mazak
  • Matsuura
  • Mitsui Seiki
  • Mollart
  • Monarch
  • Mori Seiki
  • OKK
  • Okuma
  • Olympia
  • Ravensburg
  • SNK
  • Shin Nippon Koki
  • Stanko
  • Takumi
  • Tarus
  • TOS
  • Toshiba
  • Trens
  • Union
  • WD 105
  • Wotan

Onsite Spindle Taper Grinding Repair Cost Estimate

If you have an issue with a spindle taper, and the rest of the spindle seems good, contact us and we’ll be pleased to provide an Onsite Spindle Taper Grinding Cost Estimate.
Click haviland@precisionspindleinc.com or Contact Us in the footer below, or the header above, and provide information about your spindle!   or Call 519-671-3911.

Loss of Drawbar Force – a common cause for dropping a tool, and damaging the Spindle Taper

A common reason for dropping a toolholder is loss of drawbar force. To discover the fact that a drawbar has lost drawbar force, check the drawbar force regularly with a – Spindle Drawbar Force Gage.

Complete Spindle Repair & Spindle Rebuild Cost Estimate

If the spindle bearings seems worn or noisy, we do offer – Complete Spindle Repair & Spindle Rebuild.