E-B Manufacturing introduces Flex-Ring, an expanding mandrel or 360 degree collapsing chuck

May 15, 2010

Flex-Ring is a beveled disc which when pressed to a more flattened condition expands into the bore of a workpiece, or collapses over the OD of a workpiece. This movement centers the workpiece, grips it and pulls it back, providing a high clamping force capable of high torque transmission with positive pullback to a workstop and an accuracy of 0.0001″ repeatability

Multiple Flex-Rings can be stacked to provide an appropriate length of engagement with the bore or OD of the workpiece.

Flex-Ring can be actuated by the push-pull of any turning center’s chuck actuator or by any hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder for milling applications or alternatively by a self-contained, pancake style hydraulic or pneumatic actuator.

Flex-Ring is capable of clamping short length diameters, either ID or OD, which are impossible to clamp with collets.

In any round workholding application, where Flex-Ring will fit and clamp, generally speaking, it provides nearly double the torque transmission capability of a collet solution.

Flex-Ring can be made for any diameter, for expanding mandrels for 20mm ID and up, for collapsing chucks for 10mm OD and up.

Flex-Ring expanding mandrels or chucks can be made to clamp differential diameters. Flex-Ring can be incorporated into Between Center Mandrels or Between Center Arbors, as well as Inspection Mandrels or Inspection Arbors.

Spindel Corporation of Grand Rapids, MI repairs, replaces High Frequency Spindle Drives and Inverters

April 23, 2010

Spindel Corporation repairs and replaces High Frequency Spindle Drives and Inverters

Typical applications include ID grinding, Universal ID/O grinding, Profile grinding, Bore grinding, Taper grinding, Thread grinding, Jig grinding, High Speed Machining and milling.

Inverter brands include: SpindelMaster, Volkmann / Graseby / TB Woods, Acomel / Warner Electric / Danaher Motion, REFU / Rexroth / Indramat / Bosch, Sieb & Meyer, KaVo, Gamfior, PTI, Hitachi.

We also replace high frequency motor-generator sets with high frequency drives and inverters.

We also build custom spindle drive cabinets for new and existing machines. Some features include: Plugs for multiple spindles, Gap Elimination function, Machine-specific control interface, Spindle motor contactors, control relays, power supplies, fuses and overloads for coolant pumps, lubricating equipment, Nema 12 enclosures, safety disconnect switches, casters, custom paint

SKF MACHINE TOOL SERVICE formerly of Duluth, Georgia now relocated to a spindle repair facility in Texas

April 1, 2010

Our SKF Machine Tool Service spindle repair facility has relocated to a modern facility in Texas. The Duluth plant, near Atlanta, Georgia was formerly American Precision Spindles, 770-814-7540 and is closed. The new Texas repair and service facility is operational.

Contact us for details.