Dynamic Balancing Machines

We offer dynamic balancing machines and balancing equipment for rotating parts and components. We offer dynamic balancing and vibration analyzing equipment for rotating parts in size range from millimeters to a meter, in weight range from ounces to several pounds. Our products are used for:

  • Dynamic balancing machines and balancing equipment for:
  • Pump impeller balancing
  • Flywheel balancing
  • Industrial fan balancing, Industrial blower balancing
  • Motor shaft balancing, motor armature balancing, motor rotor balancing
  • Generator rotor balancing
  • Air compressor balancing, gas compressor balancing, steam turbine balancing, gas turbine balancing
  • Hammer mill rotor
  • Brake rotor balancing, brake drum balancing
  • Driveline balancing, driveshaft balancing
  • Transmission component balancing, transmission balancing
  • Engine crankshaft balancing, camshaft balancing
  • Spindle balancing, shaft balancing, pulley balancing, gear balancing, sprocket balancing
  • Dynamic balancing of cylinders, drums, roller shafts, mandrels
  • Roll balancing
  • Machine tool balancing, cutting tool balancing, toolholder balancing, power chuck balancing, workholder balancing
  • Grinding wheel balancing, wheel balancing

Turbine Balancing System

Turbine Metrology LLC offers hardware and software for gas turbine balancing and jet engine balancing. Circular Geometry Inspection systems inspect and record rotor disc dimensions for the purpose of orienting the discs while stacking the rotor assembly to maximize rotor alignment and rotor balance. Blade Placement Optimization systems measure and weigh blades to determine optimum blade placement for maximum balance. Aerospace and power generation turbines are balanced in this manner. Rotating automotive, industrial and agricultural machine assemblies are also candidates: brake rotors, pump rotors, combine rotors and cylinders.

Turbine Metrology offers an expanding range of industry-leading hardware and software products for gas turbine, jet engine, and high performance automotive manufacturers, rebuilders, and other Customers who require purpose-built metrology solutions.

From turnkey circular geometry inspection systems to one-off software development projects, Turbine Metrology’s consultants serve their customers with personalized, cost-effective solutions delivered on time and to budget requirements.

Turbine Metrology LLC was formed in 1992 to service the needs of the world’s largest manufacturer of gas turbine power generation systems. All hardware, data acquisition, and mechanical equipment currently used by this customer in its rotor inspection workstations, and those of its primary machining vendor, have been supplied by Turbine Metrology LLC. TM supplies similar equipment to other customers in the gas turbine and jet engine industries.

TM’s mechanical systems have been used for over a decade in automotive, aerospace, power generation, and other circular geometry applications.

TM’s BalancePoint and BalancePoint 3D blade weighing and balance optimization systems have set new standards for accuracy, affordability, and ease of use. Developed at the request of launch customer General Electric, BalancePoint has a growing customer base in North America, Asia, Europe, and South America among users who are looking for a faster, easier to use, more cost effective alternative to the DOS-based programs from the traditional balancing companies.

TM’s Paragon V2 Circular Geometry Inspection System represents the current state-of-the-art in roundness metrology. Paragon PG’s launch in the gas turbine market has been followed with the successful Paragon AV system for jet engine builders and Paragon FT system for form testing applications.

TM’s Paradigm Circular Geometry Inspection System introduced digital gauging to roundness metrology. For users who do not need the ultimate in accuracy, Paradigm is a cost-effective means of introducing CGI to rebuilders and smaller shops.

TM’s TrueBuild and StraightBuild Rotor Stacking programs allow Paragon users to select their own rotor optimization parameters to achieve straightness and balance, assuring quiet engines with long operational lives.

We have successfully replaced and upgraded balancing equipment built by the following manufacturers:

  • Axiam Inc.
  • Precitech Inc.
  • Paris Mountain

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