Turbine Metrology’s TrueBuild Rotor Stacking Software allows jet engine or gas turbine manufacturer the ability to optimize the orientation of parts in the rotor assembly to account for small variations in part manufacture.

At a glance:

  • TM’s TrueBuild optimizes 6 paramaters of stacking, including mass balance
  • User selectable weighting of stacking parameters
  • Handles an unlimited number of parts in up to 50 orientations
  • Interfaces directly with Paragon
  • Special StraightBuild 2-part optimization version for Rolls-Royce type stacking

TrueBuild is a stand alone piece of software which accesses the same Oracle Part Parameter Database used by the Paragon Circular Geometry Inspection System. As part of the Paragon family, TrueBuild uses the same nomenclature as Paragon, has many similar features, and much the same “look” in the operator interface screens.

TrueBuild uses data derived from physical measurements to align the axes of the assembled components, track the assemblies’ rotational axis and account for mass distributions to maximize assembly straightness and minimize off-axis and out-of-balance forces.

TrueBuild can accommodate any number of parts, each with a maximum of 50 possible orientations at each stacking interface. Using TM’s Dimensional Tunneling Technology, TrueBuild quickly sorts through billions of possible rotor orientations to arrive at a solution which optimizes the assembly using six User selectable parameters or combinations of the parameters. Two access levels (Administrator and User) are provided for added security. Results are provided on screen, in printed form, and are archived to disk for long term storage or export to other databases.

With TrueBuild, as with Paragon, the System Administrator is given the facility to write and edit his own stacking routines and is not dependant on the software developer for this function.

StraightBuild is a specialized stacking program for manufacturers or rebuilders requiring the Rolls-Royce “two component optimization” method of assembly. Other features are the same as TrueBuild.

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