BalancePoint for Turbine Balancing

In gas turbine and jet engine applications of turbine balancing using non-integral compressor and turbine blades , the weight tolerance of the individual blades can significantly affect the balance of the assembled rotor. Even if the weight differential is small, if, by random assembly, more of the heavier blades are placed on one side of the rotor, the resulting unbalance condition may be more than can be corrected by additional balance weights or corrective machining processes. This means time-consuming and expensive disassembly of the rotor.

Since its introduction in January 2002, Turbine Metrology’s BalancePoint software has become an industry standard for simple, fast, accurate, and affordable blade weighing and placement. Now used in Asia, North America, South America, and Europe, BalancePoint customers are finding applications in such diverse fields as paper pulping machines and ceiling fans.

BalancePoint at a glance:

  • BalancePoint is easier to use than Bladis and far less expensive.
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of blades.
  • Advanced algorithms provide optimum placement of blades on rotor.
  • Works with pan-weight or moment-weight inputs.
  • Accommodates locking and cutter tooth blades, blades with cover plates, and other assembly features.
  • Customer definable blades or slot types in Stage Template for quick repetitive testing.
  • Accommodates initial unbalance of bare rotor, if available.
  • Tracks Part Number and Serial Number of each blade.
  • Comprehensive printed report ordered by blade number or slot number.
  • Mass distribution plot gives visual representation of balance.
  • Results saved in text file that may be exported to MS Excel.
  • Direct reading from scales with RS-232 or USB interface.
  • Can be customized for specific requirements request a quotation.
  • Turnkey systems with electronic scales or moment weight apparatus are available.

Basic software: $1095.00 Turn-key packages with electronic scales start at $1495.00.

Balancing of turbines with Balance Point

For turbine balancing, BalancePoint offers automatic, semi-automatic, or manual weighing as part of a balancing program that quickly determines the optimum rotor location for every blade in the set. BalancePoint runs on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP operating systems with minimum hardware requirements and 1024 x 768 graphics. The step-by-step graphical format has been designed for easy use by operators with minimal computer training. Launch customer General Electric – Greenville Gas Turbine reports that BalancePoint requires 70% fewer steps in the weighing/balancing operation than their former Bladis software, adding: “We have seen a 90% decrease in out-of-balance rejections” since the introduction of BalancePoint.

Aircraft engine builder AeroWin Tech (Taiwan) adds: “The resulting unbalance is amazing. I did not think it could be so low.” From an aircraft engine manufacturer in the UK: “Our old method balanced this [75 blade] set to .746 grams. BalancePoint did it to .0018 grams.”

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