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VM20 Balancing System

Offering the VM20 Grinding Machine Control System, a multifunctional and modular Process Measurement and Control System for grinding machines with optional Automatic Balancing module to control an external or internal grinding spindle balancing head, optional touch sensing (Touch Detection) and approach sensing (Gap Elimination) module and optional Pre-Process Gauging, In-Process Gauging and Post-Process Gauging module. The Display and Control can be in a shelf or wall mount panel, or in the machine panel.

Characteristics of VM20 Balancing System including the following:

  • Multifunction and modular:
    • Automatic wheel balancing on 1 or 2 planes
    • Manual prebalance of wheel
    • Touch Detection between grinding wheel and dresser wheel and Gap Elimination
    • Pre-process, in-process and post-process size measurement
  • Menu programmable operator panel:
    • Local or remote graphic display, equipped with RS232 interface for hard copy function
    • HMI Windows software package for PC-CNC terminal
  • Interfaces:
    • RS 232 serial interface for remote programming and data transfer
    • Programmable parallel interface for remote programming, data transfer and digital I/O expansion
    • Profibus DP
    • Analog interfaces for measurement signals
    • Opto-insulated and protected digital interface
    • Analog signals galvanically insulated
    • FFT vibrations analysis
    • Programmable measurement data acquisitions and recording

The Advantages of using this balancing system are:

  • Application of balance system:
    • increases productivity
    • ensures product quality
  • Provides lower wheel wear, lower wheel damage, less machine wear
  • Provides lower production cost
  • Easily integrated into any production architecture
  • Telephone assistance is available
  • Balance system is reliable and stable in high production environment
  • Reduction of machine downtime is attained due to failure prevention and diagnostics
  • Facilitates Statistical Process Control
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