Paradigm Circular Geometry Inspection System

A low-cost Circular Geometry Inspection system with an all-digital signal chain. Has all the features of standard Paragon – testing is completely user programmable; no mandatory software upgrades. Measure from 1 to 30 channels simultaneously. Paradigm is suitable for use on spin tables.

Where the ultimate in accuracy is not required, Turbine Metrology’s digital Paradigm System offers an economical alternative to Paragon for small manufacturers and turbine service shops.

Originally developed for a major US automotive supplier, Paradigm utilizes new technology digital gauge heads and data acquisition modules together with Paragon’s easy-to-use software features to form a simple and affordable Circular Geometry Inspection System. For a discussion of current analog versus digital technologies, call 519-671-3911, or click or Contact Us in the footer below or the header above for more information!