Paragon Circular Geometry Inspection System

Turbine Metrology’s industry-leading Paragon Circular Geometry Inspection System offers a combination of accuracy and features unavailable in similar products. Paragon V2.0 is capable of measuring eight surfaces simultaneously on manual spin tables.

At a glance:

  • Developed in conjunction with major manufacturers of gas turbine and jet engines
  • A complete editing suite allows the Customer to write and edit his own test programs. There are no mandatory software upgrades.
  • Paragon systems conform to ISO-1101, ISO-6318 and BS-3730 standards for Circular Geometry Inspection.
  • Paragon makes all standard calculations to provide Roundness, Eccentricity, Run-out, Flatness, and Parallelism results.
  • Mathematical algorithms correct data for part off-centeredness and tilt on the inspection table.
  • The system is available either in a stand-alone version with an internal database or with a network capability for larger shops.
  • Paragon runs on a standard industrial PC base under a Windows 2000/XP operating system. Any operator familiar with Windows-driven applications can learn the system in a very short period of time.
  • True 16 bit analog-to-digital conversion with DIgital Signal Processing yields resolution to .125 microns (.000005 inches) on the shop floor.
  • Paragon uses true simultaneous sampling to avoid data skew.
  • Eight channels standard; four to twelve channels available.
  • Part Orientation module for stacking orientation.
  • Automatic uploads to stacking and Quality Assurance databases.
  • Three User access levels for added security.
  • Each version customized to suit the Customer’s unique application.

Originally developed at the request of General Electric, all Paragon systems are built from advanced data acquisition hardware and feature true 16 bit analog-to-digital conversion capable of sampling all data channels simultaneously at a rate of 153,600 readings per channel per second. This rate allows the use of sophisticated anti-aliasing filters and digital signal processing techniques. Paragon is designed from the ground up to be utilized in a shop floor environment; accurate, meaningful data can be obtained in high ambient noise, high vibration areas and in close proximity to machining centers.

TM’s Paragon system has set the modern standard for data collection by making over one half million readings to characterize 3600 points on each part surface — collecting a thousand of times more data than similar systems. Due to Paragon’s multiple microprocessor structure and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), rock solid, statistically relevant data is delivered to the mathematical algorithms in a steady stream, without gaps from operating system interrupts and free of anomalous values which can bias the data. No eight or twelve point method can even approximate this level of accuracy.

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