Sereis PS-M-T

Milling, drilling and grinding spindles with hybrid ceramics bearings and sealed lubrication or air-oil mist lubrication. For pulley, gear or coupling drive. Collet toolholding or, ISO or HSK toolholding. Automatic tool change (ATC), spindle rotation sensors, tool change sensors, rotary union for coolant, air purge.


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Name Diameter mm Power S1 (100%) Kw Torque S1 (100%) Nm Max speed-grease rpm Max speed-air oil rpm Tool Interface Cooling Download
PS-M-100-T-SP 100 4.500 Grindstone Wheel Holder
PS-M-3-T 100 20.000 HSK-C-63
PS-M-160-T 160 10.000 ISO 40 DIN 69871 Liquid
PS-M-180-T-SP 180 10.000 ISO 40 DIN 69871 Liquid

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