Jaeger Air Bearing Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Precision Spindle can repair and rebuild Jaeger air bearing spindles. Our precision spindle repair service facility offers repair and rebuild of air bearing spindles used in automotive, aerospace, aeronautics, military, tooling, machine tool and semiconductor industries. These include air bearing spindles used for PCB, Rotary Spray Coating, Electrostatic Paint Spraying, Appliance Coatings, Precision Atomization, Bore Grinding, Carbide Grinding, Ceramic Grinding, Die Grinding, HDD Writing, Wafer Ion Implantation, Rotary Scanning, CTP Imagesetting, PCB Imaging, Wafer Dicing, and Wafer Grinding.

Jaeger spindle models we can repair are:

Brand Model/Part Number Additional Information
Jaeger LS100-62 Air Bearing Drilling Spindle
Jaeger LS125-62 Air Bearing Drilling Spindle