Chiron Spindle Repair & Rebuild

Precision Spindle can repair and rebuild Chiron spindles. Our precision spindle repair service facility offers repair, rebuild, recondition, refurbish and rework of spindles used in automotive, aerospace, aeronautics, military, tooling, machine tool, woodworking, plastic, stone, marble, granite, glass and ceramic industries.

Chiron spindle models we can repair are:

Brand Model/Part Number Additional Information
Chiron 08 Series 40,000 14 kW spindle with HSK32 or HSK40
Chiron 12 Series 40,000 40 kW spindle with ISO30 CAT30 ISO 40 CAT40 HSK40 HSK50 HSK63
Chiron 15 Series 20,000 37kW spindle with ISO40 CAT40 HSK63
Chiron 18 Series 20,000 31kW spindle with ISO40 CAT40 HSK63
Chiron MILL Series 20,000 75kW spindle with ISO40 CAT40 HSK63
Chiron BIG MILL Series 12,000 70kW spindle with ISO50 CAT50 HSK100