Flex-Ring is a beveled disc which when pressed to a more flattened condition expands into the bore of a workpiece, or collapses over the OD of a workpiece. This movement centers the workpiece, grips it and pulls it back, providing a high clamping force capable of high torque transmission with positive pullback to a workstop and an accuracy of 0.0001″ repeatability

Multiple Flex-Rings can be stacked to provide an appropriate length of engagement with the bore or OD of the workpiece.

Flex-Ring can be actuated by the push-pull of any turning center’s chuck actuator or by any hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder for milling applications or alternatively by a self-contained, pancake style hydraulic or pneumatic actuator.

Flex-Ring is capable of clamping short length diameters, either ID or OD, which are impossible to clamp with collets.

In any round workholding application, where Flex-Ring will fit and clamp, generally speaking, it provides nearly double the torque transmission capability of a collet solution.

Flex-Ring can be made for any diameter, for expanding mandrels for 20mm ID and up, for collapsing chucks for 10mm OD and up.

Flex-Ring expanding mandrels or chucks can be made to clamp differential diameters. Flex-Ring can be incorporated into Between Center Mandrels or Between Center Arbors, as well as Inspection Mandrels or Inspection Arbors.